At Blue Lagoon we take pride in making our food an art. With both visual appeal and amazing taste you’re sure to have an enjoyable stay with us, as you explore a wide variety of both traditional and fused Vietnamese cuisine.

Blue Lagoon is the First Historical Vietnamese Restaurant in Minnesota that you can enjoy various royal cuisines from the Nguyen Dynasty. The Blue Lagoon is the only restaurant in town that you can get authentic HUE cuisine. The Fusion of Royal Vietnamese and French Cuisine will allow you to explore both Asian and European styles of cooking and taste some very flavorful dishes, some of which pack a punch of extra spices and heat. At the Blue Lagoon Restaurant we uses all fresh produce and high quality ingredients to provide the best for our Customers. We take pride in our creations and ensure that you will enjoy every bite. Also, the top priority of our establishment is to bring you a very healthy product at a very reasonable price. The Blue Lagoon also strives to bring you the best Customer service and provide an atmosphere that you’ll enjoy coming back to.

We hope you enjoy every second you spent with us as you the Customer always comes first! We look forward to you again!

Thanks, for your business on behalf of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant and its staff!

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